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Letters: Dear Son
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About the fetish comics: I want to say that I’m not happy with Offbeatr, the site look cool, I can do whatever obscene stuff I want there, BUT that credit system made my comics too expensive and the commission they take doesn’t agree much with my business model. I’ll move soon, but before I move I’d like to make something for the readers who follow me and gave their support to keep me doing the comics we love.

The idea was to make a project on offbeatr – in this case, a sequel comic for Swelling Invasion- Then the people who has remaining credits on Offbeatr, could use those credits to contribute with the project. BUT we can’t do that because OFFbeatr DOESN’T ALLOW STORE CLIENTS TO USE THEIR CREDITS FOR PLEDGES on projects… ARGH! How stupid is that? And you can’t cash out the credits either.

Well I have one idea in mind, it’s kinda messy, but it’s a way to turn around the problem. I’ll clean that site up they don’t deserve a penny of yours.