Slimy Thief  Webcomic is about the misadventures of Aisha, a young elf lass who is cursed by the slime, and now gains weight whenever she touches water.

The first comic was called “SlimE Thief”; created in 2007 for a long extinct expansion fetish website. Thanks to piracy, the comic was distributed all over the “www” and was surprisingly well received… So much so that in 2009, I decided to make a dedicated website.

Throughout the years, the original Slimy Thief Webcomic had its share of ups and downs and many hiatuses. It reached more than 400 comic pages, all of which had different formats for different purposes… Gag strips, NSFW stuff, long episodes, different timelines – In short… it eventually became A MESS. (If interested, you can now read it all in the Patreon collection)

Now in 2023, through the feedback of fans, I have decided to re-launch Slimy Thief in a reboot/remake story. The reboot is intended to use the potential of the original story and characters and represent the comic the way I wanted it to be. I hope you enjoy the ride!

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  1. Just so you know, your old comics are still on the wayback machine.

    You have to opt out from indexing if you don’t want that.

    1. MAn long time no see! Thank you so much for the site link. I’ll contact them shortly after I capture a few screen shots. This is amazing!

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