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True Warrior 1

True Warrior 1

I order to fulfill the lack of boobs in the stories.


  1. Nyttyn

    hehe hilarious =P

  2. taltamir

    true adventurers will wear a pink tutu if it had a plus 1 on it.

  3. Sidney Spy

    lol sure thing!

  4. The Brow

    Mah boi, these boobs are what all true warriors strive for.

  5. Nyttyn

    True adventurers will wear a fairy princess hat if it gave a + 1.

  6. Sheela

    Some of us are already wearing one.


    Stop looking at me that way.
    It’s not that strange … it’s NOT!


  7. AyaneMatrix

    Oh man, that’s just all sorts of wrong waiting to happen. Though, I wonder if the armor will work as advertised, or will it change the warrior into the invincible warrior women that wore it before? lol

    Oh, the possibilities. :)

  8. tomb

    Your….just awesome. I will diligently watch this webcomic 4ever

  9. Linno

    Essa foi boa! hehehehe!

  10. Grammar Nazi

    “This is armor has magical powers” Should just be, “This armor has magical powers.” And “A true warrior don’t mind aesthetics” should be either “True warriors don’t mind Aesthetics” or “A true warrior doesn’t mind Aesthetics.”

  11. spade

    you forgot the misspelling of “invencinble” which should be “invincible”.

  12. calcific

    Sadly, this is true. In MMORPG’s, you wear ANYTHING if it gives you stats.

  13. Zeke

    “Only the time could kill them”? You mean old age?

  14. a

    I’m only commenting because there were 13 comments before this one and that bugs me.

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