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Thieves Guild 2

Thieves Guild 2

Another reason for the name slimy.


  1. bubbleman

    Wish the last panel was a bit more detailed :( Can barely see the ‘after’

    Also, I’m surprised by the many typos — you should let one of us grammar/spellcheck for ya :P

  2. Sidney Spy

    be my guest to check the typos.

  3. The Brow

    Actually, I’ve noticed your text slowly improving. Still the occasional Engrish sentence, but it isn’t illegible by a long shot. I quite like the dialog you come up with.

    What is your first language?

  4. taltamir

    this is awesome.

  5. Sidney Spy

    I’m native portuguese speaker. I’m reading more lately I downloaded some books to my nintendo DS and it’s helping. I use help of some friends to proof read my strips, and looks like their job are getting easier too. It`s a good sign

  6. Sexyjin

    AWesome! What an excellent advantage of being part slime.

  7. insomniac

    Nice nice! I like thee part where she squeezes through the bars the most.

    Makes me wonder what would happen if she was captured and subjected to the Chinese water torture. :p

  8. bbr

    Should change that first dialogue to “we’ll let you die here”

  9. Sidney Spy

    thanks a lot!

  10. Inky

    I sometimes type phrases on google to see if anybody actually speaks like that. Wordreference forums are useful to help translate certain expressions.

  11. Sidney Spy

    Hmmm good tip. My references are urbandictionary.com and google as well.

  12. spade

    you know, being a pervert type guy i have to wonder what she feels like on the inside, if she is part slime.

  13. Spectrum

    You are a great comic-maker.
    I really love the perspective, the design, the shadows and, of course your awesome lines and style.

  14. Spectrum

    She is such an awesome thief!!! What an amazing sneak skills!I really like how do you use blacks and screentones.

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