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The Bard

In memory of Eduard Khill, 1934-2012.

Khill reacts to parodies made of him

A message from THE MAN

[turn the captions: on]

After watching these two videos, Eduard Khill become for me the greatest man the internet ever presented. Then I wrote this story back in the  beginning of 2012. Without no doubt he was a great singer, a great family man, and remains an inspiration for me as an artist at the very meaning of being an artist.

Fan Art By Jebriodo:


And this a birthday gift by Greengriffin


And by Brellom:

aisha_by_brellom tumblr_mx4cnuDWlv1supw4do1_1280

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  1. knite

    Here’s a creepy thought those 2 must never come up with: Aish may have had a thing with their father.

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