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Now  this is official weekly Slimy Thief comic strips here.  I still have to the keep my day job so this is all I can offer for now. The more this site audience grow the more strips I can post weekly.


Special thanks to gnomduploom she helped me with proof reading this strip.


  1. Sheela

    Oooooo …. looks nifty. :)

  2. Sexyjin

    HELL YEAH! This is awesome! I’ve been waiting for more slime thief and now it has it’s own webcomic?! I can’t wait to read every page.

  3. Emmy

    I love it, i think u did a really good comic and the website look awesome
    Aisha is so cute and sexy
    Love ur work X3
    Keep it hun HUG

  4. Inky

    Now that is an impressive start… You almost made it to the top 100 just starting up!

    Funny page by the way.

  5. admin


  6. b003

    Hmmm new to this I’l check it out. Add it to my list after Pronquest.

    (Yeah I know it’s different I just have an eclectic collection of webcomic reading material.)

  7. Linno

    To acompanhando aqui kra! Manda ver!

  8. Rhemora

    just have to say wow and I really hope that this goes well

  9. insomniac

    woo! can’t wait. I already bought a comic from lulu

  10. Sheela

    *pokes comic*

    What happened to the “weekly updates” bit ?

  11. admin

    You wouldn’t be mad at me if you knew what is coming

  12. Sheela

    Not mad, just curious. :)

  13. Robert Spellman

    Um- I got perk links and downloaded fine, but need a program I dont have it seems to open them. :/ Bob (help)

  14. Sidneymt

    You will need a Winzip equivalent for the *.zip or a Comic Book Reader for *.cbr file. Also renaming *.cbr extension to *.rar let you open it with WinRar.

    Now if you are a Mac user, there is winzip for it too.

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