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Enter The Amazon

Enter The Amazon

I hope it doesn’t bother if I put some gags between the story line.


  1. Uhl

    Strangely appropriate somehow. Wildly amusing though.

  2. b003

    Wowzers! Permanent guest spot I hope.

  3. Roderick

    Heh, kid doesn’t see many big girls, it seems.

  4. Rhemora

    somehow I think the magic armor would of fit this girl better than that guy

  5. darrellsan

    I love her personality.

  6. Tauro.

    How Amazon….Nice!

  7. Spectrum

    Your anatomy is amazing. I have to work on it to improve myself. She looks like a barbarian…
    And…well, knowing how much shapeshifting there is in your stories, it’s understandable that Azamat thought Aisha was turned into that sturdy girl.

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