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Camila – 17

Camila – 17



  1. jumper9999

    Understandable that camilla loses control, since she can’t compete with Aisha in that(!) discipline. First she apprehends that Aisha is just a “fat elf”, and now that…! Makes it even more difficult for her to attract Azmat’s attention.

    I like the details like even her hollow cheeks fill up with the water, and the belt doesn’t sag not that much anymore.

  2. SalverioN

    Please Aisha MAKE THEM BIGGER!!!! :P

  3. DHos

    I thought Camila already knew Aisha can get bigger or smaller. She has seen her as normal and fat now.

  4. Chuck

    I hope for Azam to appear, with another bucket again, like in your comic :D

  5. Ben

    And the awkward moment is close at hand

  6. Spectrum

    She (Aisha) is definitely awesome.
    And these are among my favourite panels here. Sexy and alluring.

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