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#??? – Catching up! Beard ver.

Slimy Thief – CIS #1 – Welcoming Thieves

May 13, 2016 5:35 pm st#1cover


Slimy Thief – CIS #1 – Welcoming Thieves *remastered*

Now available on my Patreon page!

People often ask me what happened with the old comics I had available for downloading.

It took me a while because I’m editing all images and text in the old comics. The text edit still not pro, of course, but it’s much better.

When I see my old stuff I realize that I must draw tits much better than I give credit for, to make you guys stand the gibberish I wrote back then. :)

Still if I ever print Slimy Thief I’ll look for professional editor proofreader for the text.

As for the image quality maybe you can’t see much difference in the monitor screen, but in a print you sure will do. Here is an example of old and remastered versions of a panel:

ST#1 Welcoming Thieves journal