This is Slimy Thief  Webcomic.  The misadventures of the cursed elf girl Aisha. Every time she touches water her body absorbs it and grows on the right spots…

The first comic was called SlimE Thief, it was made on 2007 for a long extinct expansion fetish website. Thanks to piracy, the comic was all over the www and had a good reception… Then in 2009, I decided make it’s own website and here it is.

The old comic will remain as -b-side rare demo tape thingie- because most of the original high resolution files were lost. A brief of the story you can read on this arc. I plan to do a remake chapter one day.

Now the series is less explicit, but still spicy, more based on action, adventure and comedy. All my favorite genres together.

Main Characters:

aisha Aisha: The main heroine, a cursed elf girl whose body where merged with a slime creature. In the beginning she was a lame excuse for expansion fetish. Later I realize her potential and she came to life and developed character. Crazy, outgoing, naughty, a dangerous walking disaster.  azamat Azamat: A shopkeeper, owner of the most resourceful magic items store in the city. He is still young but he is a very tough bargainer. His adventure is to grow up to be a great man.
 camila Camila: A common city girl, with a very deep secret. She is the first Azamat’s employee. It seems like she can do anything to get to her boss’ heart.  eleonor Eleonor: The creator of The Monster Wheel machine that mixed Aisha’s body with a slime creature. She’s eccentric, beautiful and mean! Her motives are still unclear.

The Author:

gravatar84 Sidneymt (it’s how I’m known on the www) a comic book artist from Brazil.

I’ve been doing comics as professional and passion since 1998. I love to tell stories with my drawings and this is what I’d like to be doing until the day I die (maybe draw some video-games in the meantime).

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