Slimy Thief series Reboot 2023!

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I wanted to start something new, but without finishing Slimy, it doesn’t feels quite right. Then I had the idea for a reboot. I know when people hear “reboot” – Oh noes! He just going to make everything dark and gritty, edgy, or remade for new audiences. NOPE not me.

The story:
The story will be “retold” in a concise time-line, introducing the characters in a proper way. More showing than telling… The adventure will be brand new, but you can expect the references to iconic internet memes, Aisha rolling “ones” as usual,  and expanding her curves as always.

Better writing and presentation:

Now I live in the US, English is part of my day-to-day. You can expect better written dialogs.

Staying in one mood:
Slimy Thief is a “long” series – almost 400 pages of comic! It took me 10 years (lame I know). I was creating installments of series in the meantime between other projects or commissions. Every time had to write/draw I was in a different mood, so the series is everywhere, sometimes funny, witty, sexy, or gory. The reboot is a great opportunity to stay in one lane, patch all the roles, and give it a proper ending.

Why not just continue it?
I can’t make my mind work on a project without a bigger promise behind it. In the past, I was planing to put everything in a printed book, with locations, creatures, items, like and rpg/comic book. Now if I just pick the series from where I left, I’d end up with an incomplete book for printing. However rebooting it, I can plan the whole thing as book from the start, with new art and all.

But first thing first. This can’t be done overnight. I’ll keep doing surveys regarding the format, monetizing and publishing. I’ll be streaming so you can follow the WIP.
I’m working of the first draft, while drawing the concepts that you can check here:
My links:
Streaming channel
Support my comic reboot:

Thank you for staying around.


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