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#??? – Catching up!
#??? – Catching up!

I’ll take a time to finish the current storyline and the parallel projects that need my atention.

I’m also picking commissions. I’ll update more information about commissions soon.

Thanks for the patience.



  • Thanks. I liked the Meloni animation, but it was getting a little old.

    • Sidneymt says:

      yeah I know. Thanks for coming!

      I’m excited that now I can animate with Clip Studio! Much easier to make animated strips now.

  • PlusOneZing says:

    Just recently discovered and binged the archives. Cool story, bro! I like that you’re fleshing out (pun ambiguously intended) an elf that doesn’t act like a traditional elf, and moreso lampshading that with the whole elven background thing. From what we’ve seen of the backstory it’s meshed pretty well, and I’d wager there’s a lot more setting behind the scenes. It’s interesting to see how backstories play out in relation to current events, and you don’t disappoint.

  • Mechwarrior says:

    So was there a date when you were planning to get back to continuing the comic?

    • Clankwerker says:

      No signs of life on comic or Patreon since March 2017. At this point, doesn’t seem like there was – or will be.

  • James Grijalva says:

    I just want to commission you a few things.

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