#204 Bottoms 07


  • KingMonster says:

    She’s about to divide again, isn’t she?

  • murdelli says:

    Aww, and here I was patiently hoping for some good old expansion and a happier bit, but … gruesome death it is. It’s kinda hard to have any optimism left for her character after her first rather gory death.

    All in all, well-drawn and fun expansion-themed webcomic but… I don’t know.

  • anon says:

    Well.. This is a really unpleasant way to finish out a really great expansion sequence.

    Thanks, I guess….

  • gg says:

    Well, this is the case when the story is more important than fan service, I guess?

  • Kyrion says:

    Enjoying the comic so far, and not jumping to any conclusions about what’s going on off-panel or whether a comic-book character is going to stay dead. I like BE fanservice too, but please draw what you feel inspired to draw!

  • ion says:

    meh, everyone knows you can’t deal physical damage to a slime…

    • drgn says:

      you can “deal physical damage” to a slime why do you think they keep dividing the slime learned get hit and “play dead” reform later

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